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Immigration law takes years of study and practice to fully understand. That's time you and your family don't have. Instead of making costly mistakes, turn to an experienced immigration lawyer. Law Group International, LLC is an immigration law firm based in Alexandria, VA. We've helped countless clients get the results they want. Let us help you, too.

Learn how you can get a family-based green card.

See if you could qualify for an investment visa.

Get a deportation defense attorney for yourself or a loved one.

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Confused by immigration law? You're not alone. Turn to a reputable immigration law firm in Alexandria, Virginia to get the answers you need. An immigration lawyer can help you...

Law Group International offers free consultations in person or over the phone. Dial 703-549-5445 right away.

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Why do we care so much about immigration law? While Law Group International also handles divorce and traffic violations, helping people facing immigration challenges is our main area of focus.

Our immigration lawyer arrived in the United States as a refugee at the age of three, so he understands the struggle immigrants sometimes face. Whether you're seeking an EB-5 visa to help your investments flourish or you're fleeing from a dangerous home country, you'll find legal guidance here.

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